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ITALIAN ACCENTS provides exclusive and personalized interior decorative services such as Venetian plaster,marmorino,stone textures,custom furniture design and decoration,faux finishes,decorative epoxy finishes,fine interior painting and more ...


Sustainability Advising

Smart and Friendly

ITALIAN ACCENTS create decorative custom finishes applying the latest eco friendly materials on the market.

The projects that ITALIAN ACCENTS takes on are both environmentally mindful and highly focused on each client’s individual needs.

Venetian Plaster

High gloss marble look

Venetian plaster originally was a wall and ceiling finish consisting of plaster mixed with marble dust, applied with a spatula or trowel in thin, multiple layers, which are then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture. Venetian plaster techniques include marmorino and many other stone and concrete textures.When left un-burnished,Venetian plaster has a matte finish that is rough and stone-like to the touch.

When applied correctly, Venetian plaster can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish. Venetian plaster is especially useful on surfaces where marble panels could not be installed easily, and on surfaces that would be too expensive to have carved from real marble such as columns, corbels, and curved walls.

Venetian plaster can be tinted, or colored using natural or synthetic colorants. The ability to tint Venetian plaster is especially helpful when a specific color of "marble" is desired, or when a color that does not exist naturally is wanted.

In the last few years the Venetian plaster has had considerable improvements,both in the materials compounds and in the applications.

Maintaining a natural and eco-friendly material it is possible to apply the Venetian plaster over various interior and exterior surfaces.

In fact,with the proper preparation of the supports,and the special sealers applied for protection and waterproofing, the Venetian plaster can also be applied over existing floors, box shower,furniture,backsplash,and much more,creating endless textures with no need of demolishing the existing surfaces.

We are certified applicators of the major Italian Venetian plaster manufacturers and we are always updated on the latest products and applications.


Fine Interior Painting

Clean and detailed

ITALIAN ACCENTS also provides regular interior painting services!

We think the finish painting step is just the decoration part.

Few coats of paint cannot hide any defect on the surface to be painted,that is why we give a lot of attention to the preparation part.

Sanding down the old texture to remove paint drops,brush marks and rough roller texture,then patching any cracks and void areas,then priming and caulking between trim and walls with accuracy.

We use a dustless sanding system,which does not cause any harmful dust during the sanding,and we accurately mask everything off, leaving every project perfectly neat.

When it comes to the final step which is the painting,what I can proudly say about our work is that you will be amazed of the details,the cut work between ceiling and walls or trim and walls is what you want to see!

We don't leave brush and roller marks on your surfaces,only solid, uniform and perfectly painted surfaces!


Stone Textures

Continuous stone look finishes for walls and more

The product we use to create our stone textures is a thick natural plaster made of lime hydrate, purified clay, selected marbles and natural sands,which is appropriately balanced, giving us excellent workability and moldability.
Our plaster allows us to create endless and continuous stone look finishes,providing elegant, rustic or modern textures for interior and exterior surfaces.

Maintaining a natural and eco-friendly material it is possible to apply our plaster over various interior and exterior surfaces and wet areas.

In fact,with the proper preparation of the supports,and the special sealers applied for protection and waterproofing, our plaster can also be applied over existing floors,box shower,furniture,backsplash,and much more,creating endless textures with no need of demolishing the existing surfaces.


Custom Furniture

Design decoration and assembly!

ITALIAN ACCENTS also create unique custom furniture pieces for any need and design!

We use high quality accessories and materials for our one of a kind pieces!


Decorative Floors

Continuous and seamless custom finishes for new and existing floors without the need to demolish!

We create custom design floor finishes with many different materials depending on the look you desire for your new and renewed floor.

The materials we use vary from water based epoxy resins to various microtoppings and plasters.

We are able to apply our products over existing floors without the need to demolish the existing surface.

With these new applications we have the possibility to make you save the time and the costs of the demolition but above all the inconveniences that it can cause.

Textures are endless and customized according the desired design.

You can have a high gloss marble look floor,a matte stone or concrete look floor,or we can also design grout lines and raised stencils creating one of a kind art floors.


Velature Glaze Textures 

Brush finishes with earthy,metallic and pearlescent nuances

The Velature takes the aesthetic beauty of the Renaissance and adapts it to the needs of the contemporary world. It is an environmentally-friendly product made from natural oxides and top quality resins in a water-based solution, and it “breathes life” into every room thanks to the extraordinary effects it allows you to create in an infinite variety of colour combinations. Let your imagination be your guide and fill your home with intriguing new sensations.


Silk Plaster

Silk nuances for your walls and ceilings

Silk plaster is a decorative spatula coating for walls and ceilings that delicately refracts light to produce intriguing chiaroscuro effects and a rich depth of colour.This is possible thanks to its special water-based resins and natural raw materials.


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