Creative Profile


Meet Angelo Lepore.

Interior decorative artist trained in Italy. 

Angelo started to learn this trade when he was 15 years old during summer time and school vacations,working alongside his father and master Antonio Lepore,an artisan with experience in various areas of Italy and owner of his own decorative painting company.

After graduating from the Art Institute Angelo started working full time with his father.

He starts to become a master in simple application techniques first,such as lime base paint applied with natural bristle large brushes over walls and ceilings,a very common and professional painting technique in Italy,in which you have to be skilled to do not leave brush marks and make surfaces look smooth and uniform.

The desire to learn and improve his skills was irrepressible and his father begins to give him more responsibility.

Angelo begins to specialize in the installation and finishing of ornamental plaster and decorative painting techniques such as "Terre Fiorentine" and "Velature"and then he starts experimenting with Venetian plaster and marmorino.

His career has been gradual and detailed, his greatest fortune is to have a father and teacher behind him with whom he still confronts himself in his travels of pleasure and professional development in Italy. Indeed Angelo is always updated on all new techniques for the application of decorative plaster and painting,he is a certified applicator of the best Italian Venetian plaster manufacturer brands and he is an active member of "I migliori Artisti della decorazione International" and the "Make Art no War" group.

In 2009 Angelo moved in the US and started to work with general contractors as a painter to learn how projects are developed here in America.

In 2011 he starts his own decorative painting company called Italian Accents.

The name comes from the fact that he was often asked to create an accent wall with his decorative painting techniques learned in Italy, and from this idea comes the concept of Italian Accents.